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Childbirth Classes

❊   Creative Movement: Practical Prep for a Positive Birth

The Valley’s favorite experiential childbirth education class!

Creative Movement: Practical Prep for a Positive Birth
This non­athletic class draws on the body wisdom of yoga and dance, teaching you practical techniques for a smoother, easier birth. In this class, pregnant women learn how to use pillows, birth balls, chairs, birth dance, and the physical support of their partner and/or doula during birth.

“Just a quick note to let you know that J and I had our baby 3 days after your creative movement class! I took a lot of what you said into labor with me and I squatted myself into an easy waterbirth at home, with an 8­ hour labor and only a half hour of pushing!! It was an ideal birth for me and I truly feel that your class was helpful in my mental preparation… even more so than the Hypbirth I had been doing for weeks in advance! THANK YOU Michelle!!”
-N., first-­time mother

Creative Movement: Practical Prep for a Positive BirthCreative Movement for Birth is an ideal supplement to traditional childbirth classes, highly relevant for those planning a VBAC, and an inspiring, practical refresher for those who have birthed before. Please dress comfortably, as you would for a yoga class, and bring a pillow and blanket for the final relaxation.

Creative Movement: Practical Prep for a Positive BirthPregnant people in any trimester and their partners welcome. All birth plans welcome (unmedicated, epidural, home, hospital, VBAC, waterbirth, etc.). Come experience a memorable 2.5 hour “learning lab” for your birth, complete with birth balls, rebozos, laughter, and juicy insights into the birth process. Those 13 weeks pregnant or earlier attend for free! Couples pricing available. Scholarships available upon request for group class. Also available as a private childbirth education class, tailored to your special interests.

“People talk about how painful contractions are because they’re so strong. But what we want women to know is that the strength of that contraction is the strength of their own bodies. They are as strong as the contraction is. And so they are able to manage it.” -Erin Fullam

❊   Exploring Home Birth

Exploring Home Birth Workshop
Curious if home birth is the right choice for you? Come learn about individualized prenatal care with a home birth midwife, easy setup and cleanup, the waterbirth option, and the thorough care home birth midwives provide in the weeks following your baby’s birth.

For those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. Presented in Greenfield, MA, by Certified Professional Midwives Michelle L’Esperance (Warm Welcome, Florence MA) and Alex Holding (Fiddlehead Midwifery, Westminster VT). Free, 1 hour.

❊   Thriving in Early Pregnancy

Now a private consultation session. For those in early pregnancy or trying to conceive.

❊   Better Cesarean/VBAC

Originally created as a continuing education class for trained doulas, this class is now also open to parent/s who have had a cesarean birth and are preparing for a subsequent birth.


Cesarean Birth

I am passionate & committed to natural birth as the healthiest pathway for most mothers and babies. I also believe that those who birth by cesarean deserve exquisite, conscious, compassionate care. Co­-creating a positive cesarean birth experience yields great emotional/spiritual benefit for the family, as well as supporting healthier, smoother physical recovery. We’ll spend the morning delving into the many ways to improve the cesarean experience for mothers, babies and partners­– whether it’s scheduled or arises in labor.


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Families who are planning a vaginal birth after cesarean have a different set of questions and concerns than first-­time parents or those who have birthed vaginally before. Learn how to support and empower women who are preparing for a VBAC, special techniques for physical and emotional challenges that may arise in labor, and how to maximize the likelihood of a joyful healthy vaginal birth.

Tuition $175. Full day class. Partial scholarships available for parents. Also offered as a customized private class at my hourly rate.

❊   Listening to Your Fertile Womb

Fertility Workshop
Ready to feel less stress around your fertility and periods? Learn to track your cycles for conception or birth control and increased sexual well-­being. Join this 6 week workshop with Michelle L’Esperance, CPM, and Mira Weil, Doctor of Tibetan Medicine. Enjoy more ease and trust with your fertile body!

❊   Professional Continuing Education for Doulas

Doula WorkshopsMichelle L’Esperance also teaches numerous classes for aspiring and experienced doulas; midwives and other labor and delivery personnel; and regularly presents as a guest lecturer to college classes. Visit www.BirthDoulaWorkshop.com for more information.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

– Kofi Annan

“Every family deserves a Warm Welcome! ~ Todas las familias merecen una cálida bienvenida!”

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