Liam’s Birth Story

Having Michelle’s support gave me the courage to turn my back on convention and to ensure that my son’s birth was the gentle, peaceful, loving experience that I wished it to be.

home birth story with midwifeDespite being an older (40) first­-time Mom, I had a home water birth and even though this was my dream I’ll confess I had some trepidation about the labor and delivery. Knowing that Michelle would be there with me was a crucial factor in reassuring myself when those doubts arose. The ability to meet with her and discuss my concerns and expectations prior to delivery was very important. It left me feeling very calm and trusting when labor actually started. We were in this together (and she’d been through it hundreds of times before!).

Her presence during the labor was very supportive, very reassuring.

Her experience with birth and labor meant that she could read my level of progression without needing to frequently examine me, so she was able to guide me when necessary without interrupting the physical flow that I developed to help my labor progress. I think this was an important factor in how quick my labor was. I called Michelle to come to my home and assist me at 11:30PM and she lifted my son up to my arms at 5:48 the following morning. That moment is still seared on my memory as the happiest of my life.

In this country the choice to have a doula attend you during birth is not a conventional one, but in other parts of the world it is only natural for the mother to be assisted by a woman or women who are experienced in labor and delivery. The American “medical model” for birth doesn’t easily welcome this and so I think anyone considering using doula/midwife services needs to be a bit of an independent thinker.

I think it is one of the first times you ask yourself what kind of a mother you are going to be.

If you believe that you are a person who will know what is best for your family then you are likely to be better suited to birthing with a doula and midwife than someone who shies away from that level of accountability. To me, having a midwife/doula attend the delivery was about owning my power to give birth and to be born as a mother. I can honestly say that Liam’s birth was wonderful.


“Every family deserves a Warm Welcome! ~ Todas las familias merecen una cálida bienvenida!”

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