Lydia and Emily’s Births

To this day we (Dan and I), when talking about our birth stories, always mention that we had a doula, we highly recommend one, and that it was the single most important thing that made our birth experiences with the birth of both girls both amazing.

We felt calm, in control, and without fear, despite all of the changes and challenges that we faced. We are so truly grateful for your support.

In particular, when we arrived at the hospital for Lydia’s birth, and you sat with us outside on the bench for just a few minutes to walk us through everything that might happen once we went inside – because you knew it would be a fast paced and crazy whirlwind type situation. And you were totally right – Lydia was born via C section within hours of our arrival [non­-emergency for breech] – but because you had already walked us through what would likely happen, we weren’t scared because we knew what to expect. We thank you for that more than you will ever know.

VBAC birth waterbirth midwife

When Emily was born [VBAC], we are so thankful for the time we had with you at the house prior to going to the hospital. Having you there gave me the confidence to know that everything was going smoothly, and to not worry/have fear as to whether I should be going to the hospital or not. I knew you had done that many times before, and would know when the time was right. And you did – we got to the hospital and it was only a matter of hours before Emily was born.

Your calming presence was wonderful, and even if I never even acknowledged your presence (because I was in a deep labor trance), I knew you were there and I heard your calm supportive words – I especially remember you gently reminding me to slow down my breath and relax in between contractions, and how immensely this reminder helped. Finally, your special broth you gave me after both births was another thing I remembered – the warmth and calming it provided to my body was amazing.

-Darleen & Dan, parents of Lydia & Emily

“Every family deserves a Warm Welcome! ~ Todas las familias merecen una cálida bienvenida!”

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