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Partners and Doula Care

Partners and doulas bring complementary strengths and resources to the childbearing year.

❊ What Partners Do that Doulas Don’t

Ideally, committed partners give their pregnant beloved a sense of security, of being cherished as her body does the amazing work of growing a new human. You surround her with your love in her birthing-­time as no one else ever could.

As a doula and midwife, I honor and celebrate the connection between lovers who are welcoming a baby into their arms. Many times, I’ve seen pregnancy and birthing deepen the connection between beloveds.

❊ What Doulas Do that Partners Don’t

parents labor Holyoke midwivesBirthworkers hold a big-­picture vision of the childbearing year. Having walked this path with hundreds of families, I have an intimate understanding of the myriad psychological, emotional and physical changes that happen in the childbearing year; along with a nuanced understanding of the many variations, challenges, and potential positive experiences that may arise. You are VIP visitors to the intense and challenging landscape of pregnancy/birth/newborn parenting. ­ I’m a confident naturalized citizen here! As such, it’s my role to understand your values and history, and to support your choices based on your particular needs and desires.


❊ What We Can Do Together

During the birthing­-time, I can be your personal encyclopedia of childbirth, offering specific techniques to support progress and give ease in different stages of labor. When you want to physically support or soothe your partner, I can suggest options tailored to the present moment.

Partners, when you witness your beloved working with surprising intensity to birth your child, know that you can draw from my grounded trust in birth, imbibing a fresh infusion of confidence.

Together, a doula and partner can give seamless, dependable, around­-the-­clock support to a birther. Realistically, in a typical 12­ – 36 hour labor, the partner will need some time to eat, recharge and possibly rest. The presence of a doula dad kissing newborn baby photography maternity ensures that you can take care of yourself, trusting your beloved is still being directly supported by someone she knows, so that you are able to be emotionally present when you meet your baby.

I delight in illuminating your strengths as individuals and as partners; and filling in when you need it, so that you can be your best at the most vital memorable moments.

“For the birth of our son, my partner Jen and I were extremely fortunate to have Michelle as our doula. As a first­-time dad­-to­-be, I was worried about the whole birthing process. What was labor going to be like? What should I focus on? Was I going to be able to help Jen? All these questions were going through my mind.

Once labor started, I was SO GLAD to have Michelle there. When she arrived at our home, Michelle checked in with both of us and then turned her attention toward helping Jen through her labor. Michelle was so caring, calm, and attentive to Jen’s
needs, it afforded me the opportunity to really connect with Jen and the birth experience. In other words, with Michelle there, I knew Jen was going to be okay, so I could worry less about the process of labor and focus more on her.

Throughout the labor process, Michelle made sure I was doing okay, too. She was able (somehow) to reach through my overwhelmed state of mind to help me feel fully included.


-Brad & Jen, births 2007 & 2010

For the birth of our second child, a daughter, we were lucky enough to have Michelle back with us, along with one of herdoulas­-in-­training, Marcy. The second time around, the birthing experience was even better. As a Dad, I am so grateful for their loving presence and attention.”


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