Phoenix’s Birth Story

As a couple, Jason and I have always been fully aware of our right to seek nothing but the best in all aspects of our lives. As parents of three children, we have experienced a lot of the feelings that other parents have felt at one time or another. We have been scared, hesitant and threatened by our own fears of failure.

Our first birth brought about a drastic change in our lives. Not only did we have a healthy new life, but we also met the strongest, most resilient side of us as we immersed ourselves into the sacredness of the birth process.

After birthing our first two babies at a hospital and a birthing center, we felt that our third child deserved the magical experience our first two received and a lot more. A home-birth! In our minds, what could be more magical than bringing a new life into our circle right inside our own safe temple. For forty weeks, as with the previous pregnancies, I began readying for the big event, and I don’t mean going shopping for supplies.

We began getting to know our midwife and our doula. In nine months they went from being strangers to being members of our circle.

mama.preschooler.beachBy the time the due date rolled around we felt truly connected with them. A birth is an intensely sacred moment that deserves to be shared with those who care for you and your family. On January 28, 2003 our third child arrived into a circle of love and community. Never in our lives had we experienced a moment of such intensity. A midwife and doula facilitated the magic we were seeking.

Together we breathed, cried, laughed, rubbed and danced our new baby boy into the world.

During the most intense moment of the night, when we were minutes away from touching our baby, my mind became full of doubt, and my body was exhausted. When the time came to give it my all, I felt almost defeated.

It was then that I looked into Michelle’s eyes looking for consolation. She caught my eyes full of sisterhood, connection, hope and honesty and softly whispered to me that yes, we were seconds away from having him in our lives.

I remember letting out a soft cry of relief because she had consoled my doubts and soothed my exhaustion. She wasn’t lying, within a minute our baby arrived into Jason’s hands.

I will never forget the strength Michelle gave me with just a glance. Whenever I see a pregnant woman, I secretly wish magic to her, the same magic that we experienced that night in January within our own circle of community and friends.


-Barbie, Naples, Florida

“Every family deserves a Warm Welcome! ~ Todas las familias merecen una cálida bienvenida!”

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